Frequent Questions

Do I need to be latinx or speak spanish/portuguese to join?
No, you can still join! We are not exclusively only for latinxs students; however, we are a safe space for UAL’s latinx and hispanic community therefore you will be surrounded by this and will be exposed to a variety of languages like spanish and english.

How do I join?
If you are a UAL student, head to our SU webpage here to complete the sign up and payment to become a member and receive exclusive benefits.

If you are not a UAL student you can join our mailing list here to receive monthly updates of our events and meetings.

What kind of events do you do?
We hold a series of varied events as we are guided by the interests of each new incoming group of latinxs. We hold a monthly meet-up and a final year exhibition. In the past we have held panel discussions, movie/documentary evenings, dinners, dance classes, art viewings and club nights. This year our events will be adapted to follow covid-19 safety measures.

Can I attend your events if I am not in UAL?
Yes, all the venues where we hold our events are accessible by UAL and non-UAL students. Whether it be in an external venue or inthe university campus, we always put together a guest list to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

What is the membership fee for?
The membership fee goes towards the final year exhibition as a collective. As a member you will benefit from  free/discounted event access and are secured a spot in the exhibition.

Through where do you communicate?
We mainly communicate through our whatsapp group –please email us to join– as well as a monthly newsletters and our Instagram.

You can also contact our admins to their university emails on our Students Union site.