La Casa

In this seven–part body of work, fashion stylist Daniela Benaim explores the themes and associations around the theme of La Casa, the house in Spanish, which centres around the relationship between place, body and self. Daniela  collaborated with photographers and creatives in both Caracas and London–her two homes.

Inspired by Marisol Escobar and Louise Bourgeois amongst other artists, the images investigate the connection between women and the domestic sphere; its subversion, and themes of identity, alienation, migration, loneliness and nostalgia.

Body as Home

Photography: Silvana Trevale. Mask: Kimia Amini

This is a mutable house; a familiar and at the same time mysterious space; both powerful and fragile.

Home, a Metaphor of the Mind

Images; A collaboration with Catalina Quintana. Photography: Rafael Franceschi. Fashion film; Directed along Maco Diaz and Catalina Quintana, view in new tab

This is a haunted house. Fears, anxieties and desires and hidden behind its doors. Repressed memories wander like ghosts.

Home as an Extension of the Self

A collaboration with Catalina Quintana. Photography: Gabriel Gómez

This house is not the dream home. As it falls apart, it is a reminder of the passage of time and the fragility of life. An odor emanates from the inside. Dirt threatens the four walls.

Home as Prison

A collaboration with Catalina Quintana. Photography: Malos Hábitos

Feelings of isolation and helplessness arise in this dystopian house.

Home in the Exile

Photography: Silvana Trevale

The old house is claustrophobic. The new house is solitary. In the imagined house she feels at home.


A collaboration with Catalina Quintana. Photography: Santiago Mendez

This is the house where I grew up. It gave me my accent, my friends and much more. It is far away. It is always close.


A collaboration with Catalina Quintana. Photography: Alvaro Camacho

This house is not a home. Maybe it was once. A place with no owner. A space that has been forgotten.

About the Artist

Daniela Benaim is a fashion stylist, image-maker and creative director. Born and raised in Venezuela, she has learned to create with scarce resources.

In 2018, Daniela moved to London to study MA Fashion Image at Central Saint Martins, winning the LVMH Grand Prix Scholarship. For her final project titled La Casa (‘The House’ in Spanish), she collaborated with photographers and artists in both Caracas and London to explore multiple notions of the home.

Daniela is fascinated by the intersection between body, dress, film, literature, art and sociology. Inspired by female artists who have used fabrics and handicrafts to subvert the relationship between women and the domestic space, her work investigates and celebrates womanhood.

She creates and captures masks and dolls made with found objects and second-hand clothes—rags with holes, dust and odours that show signs of time—to examine themes of identity, migration, loneliness, time, and nostalgia.
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